Use your own smart phone in Korea!

Roaming charges are too high, save your money by buying our South Korean Local SIM card  !

It is not rental, after using the SIM card, just throw it away.

-Free unlimited call receiving in Korea
-Free international calling to U.S. at local cost.

MON TO FRI: 9AM – 6PM / SAT: 10AM – 2PM

Kakao ID: krentalphone (Yellow ID)
Skype ID:

Customize your own plans.

You can choose your own Plans
of(minutes, texting and data plan)!

With your own smart phone

You can use your own smart phone
and use all the APPs in your phone as those are.

International Call Forwarding.

You can pick up the calls from U.S.A in Korea.
Up to 80% of lower rates than other roaming charges.

Anywhere in the United States!

Living in another state? No need to worry.
We can send you SIM card by mail anywhere in US.


It’s much easier
to pick up in the state
than to pick up at the airport

We will help you to set up your USIM card for specific US devises

For your accommodation
We do after care

 To obviate the inconveniences
arising from returning the USIM
at the INC airport

Voice Plan (Call+Text+Data)

Voice /SMS/LTE Data
Period of usage
15 days
30 days
  • * Service and Handling Fee 10% will be added
  • You can call to USA for 100 minutes free
  • You can receive calls to your USA phone number
  • Unmilited Kakao Talk included
  • We will let you know the Korean phone number when you buy the SIM card
  • Upon arrival on Incheon Airport you can start use

International Call Forwarding

(Subscription Fee)
(Usage Payment)

* Separate settings based on your carrier on your smart phone are required.

SIM Card Rental Service! K RENTAL PHONE

Lower rate! Smart way! Use your own smart phone in Korea!

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Simple Application steps for K Rental Phone service.



Download and fill out our application.


Attach your application along with a copy of your passport and send an e-mail to us at,


We will charge the total costs on your credit card upon receiving your application.
And we will ship the SIM card as ordered to you by USPS priority mail.

You must apply for our service at least 5 days ahead of your flight to Korea so that you could receive SIM card before your flight to Korea.
You must fill out application correctly, especially Passport number because that information are essential requested by the Korean Government.