Q. How lower is K Rental Phone rate than roaming fees?

A. Many people know well that roaming fee is expensive these days. Especially, since smart phones came into wide use, there is additional charge to roaming fee of telephone calls because data(internet) usage also included in roaming fee. Therefore, there may be unexpected payment from a few hundreds to thousands dollars after visiting Korea. However, K Rental Phone serves you at up to 6 times lower rate. 

Q. Do I use same existing number of US, or do I get a new phone number?

A. If you remove existing SIM Card from your US cell phone, all incoming calls to your existing US number is redirected to your voice mail. When you put our Korean SIM card into your phone, you will get a new Korean cell phone number starting by 010-xxxx-xxxx. This number is your cell phone number in Korea provided by SK Telecom which is the biggest wireless carrier in Korea. If you would like to receive any call to your US phone number, you need to subscribe to our “Call Forwarding” service.

Q. Do I throw away the used SIM card? Or return it to KT rental phone?

A. Every used SIM card should be returned to us after using it in Korea. We impose penalty fee on lost or unreturned SIM card, so please return your SIM card by the due date.

Q. What should I do if I have to answer the calls to my existing number from US?

A. There is “International Call Forwarding” service of our service option. With this service, you can answer the calls to your existing US number because we forward the incoming calls of existing number to your Korean cell phone number.

Q. I am using AT&T phone, and I want to rent SIM Card Rental. What is “Unlock”?

A. If you are an subscriber with T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, your phone with them might be locked for you not to go for other carrier. Therefore, you need to “UNLOCK” your phone to use it with our SIM card. You could request unlocking to your carrier and follow their instruction to unlock your phone. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service center so that we probably could help you in unlocking your phone. However, Verizon does not lock the phone, so if you are a Verizon subscriber, you do not need to unlock your phone and you could use your own phone in Korea.

Q. What is SIM card and SIM card rental?


SIM card is a kind of CHIP which enables you to get services from your telephone company.

Through SIM(Subscriber Identification Module) card, you can get services from your telephone company. Of course, each country has its own tele-communication companies. Therefore, you must use each country’s tele-communication service when you visit another country.

In other words, tele-communication services are provided through SIM card. When you buy and use a SIM card of a telecommunication company in your visiting country, you can use the country’s tele-communication services.

Our SIM card you rent is valid in Korea. Every SIM card of K Rental Phone has its own Korean cell phone number.

Therefore, when you exchange your existing SIM card to our RENTAL SIM card, you acquire a Korean cell phone number.

Q. Is this SIM card rental available for any communication company or any phone?

A.Verizon: Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, iPhone 5 or later models are available.

   T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint: All unlocked smart phone is available.



Respective tele-communication company releases its cell-phone in locked condition to protect from using of other companies. If other companies want to use the phone, they have to unlock it first. In other words, once a phone must be unlocked to use another tele-communication service, for example Korean tele-communication service.

In case of Verizon, they don’t lock their phone. However, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint sell its phone locked.

In this case, you can call your communication company and ask to unlock your phone. Thereafter you can get Korean tele-communication services with Korean SIM card

Q. When do I have to rent a SIM card before visiting Korea?

A. It is good to visit our office 2~3 days before flight and if you are far away from our office, please send us your application at least 5 days ahead of your flight to Korea.

Q. What do I prepare for SIM card rental?

A. We need your ID card for identification and a photo copy of your credit card for deposit(both sides).

Q. I don’t live in LA. How can I rent a SIM card?

A. We will send a SIM card by mail on your request. You must return the used SIM card within 3 days by dropping return envelope along with the SIM card.

You must pay for shipping cost in advance, and it is currently about $15 including return cost.

Q. Comparison between SIM card rental rate and Roaming rate.


If you planning to visit Korea, it is very inconvenient when you cannot use cell phone in Korea. However, it could be a few hundred or thousand dollars for payment of roaming service.

These days, most people use smart phone in calls and data as well. In case of data roaming service, you are receiving all the data in Korea through US tele-communication line. Therefore you may get a bill showing unimaginable data use fee.

You must live in a smart way. “The more you know, the less you pay.” If you use our SIM card service, you can use your own cell phone in Korea at up to 6 times lower rate.

comparison-engYou must live in a smart way. “The more you know, the less you pay.” If you use our SIM card service, you can use your own cell phone in Korea at up to 6 times lower rate.

Q. Can I answer phone calls to existing US number in Korea?

A. If you choose our “International Call Forwarding” service, we forward the incoming calls of your existing US number to your rental Korea cell phone. There is no problem. Application fee is $3USD, service rate is $0.10/min. You can pay when you get back to US.

Q. My phone charger is for 110V, but Korea uses 220V. How do I charge my smart phone?

A. You can charge your smart phone through USB terminal. If you want to charge your smart phone through electric wall outlet, you need to buy an adapter which changes 100V plug into 220V plug(2 circular holes). You can easily buy this 220V plug in Korea. You had better buy to use other devices such as laptop, etc.

Q. Is it possible to use my Kakaotalk with rental phone?

A. As long as you are connected into internet, you could keep using your Kakao from your current device.

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